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Deep Cleaning of Commercial Kitchens

Specialist Cleaning are specialists in the deep cleaning of commercial kitchens and bakeries. Health and Hygiene regulations are both complex and stringent, and you are responsible as managers for the hygiene and cleanliness of your own kitchen.

Regular cleaning is all well and good but over time, those areas missed by the regular clean can become grimy, greasy and can harbour mice and bugs.

To fail a hygiene inspection is unthinkable, so regular Deep Cleaning is essential to ensure those hard to clean areas receive the attention they need.

Unlike regular cleaning, a Deep Clean involves a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, paying particular attention to those areas not covered during normal cleaning schedules.

For commercial kitchens and bakeries that means bringing appliances, surfaces, ovens, cooker hoods and worktops back to an ‘As New’ finish. We lift all appliances and clean thoroughly underneath and we don’t leave until you are happy with the result.

No matter how competent or professional your team of cleaners (and ours are both competent and professional) a Deep Clean is a major undertaking that takes time to do properly.

We are acutely conscious that time means money to a commercial kitchen, which is why we work with you to schedule the Deep Clean when it will least inconvenience you. We prepare ahead of time to make sure there are no unnecessary delays, and we leave your kitchen looking as though it has just been installed.

We always issue a certificate of hygiene as some insurers require this and the health and hygiene inspectors sometimes require this to be shown