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Bakery Deep Cleaning

While we are experienced in cleaning all manner of commercial kitchen premises, we have chosen to specialise, as our name suggests, in the deep cleansing of commercial bakeries.

As a Bakery Manager you will appreciate the unique hygiene challenges presented by flour and bread dough. Fine bread flour can quickly coat almost every surface, and when in a mist, flour has the potential to be actually flammable.

dough can rapidly grow mould when dropped behind mixing and separating appliances and we have seen too many dough mixing machines that look clean on the outside but harbour mouldy dough and the accompanying mice inside the panels.

Our knowledge and extensive experience of deep cleaning bakeries is your assurance that Specialist Cleaning will provide you with the quality of Deep Clean needed to return your Bakery kitchen to pristine condition.

We invite you to look at some of the Testimonials from happy Bakery Managers.